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Jayne Cobb the Mercenary

We love our self-centered, pragmatic mercenary.

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Jayne Cobb the Mercenary

By Ying (2002), with apologies to "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" by Gene Autry (written by Johnny Marks, 1949)

You know Mal, Wash and Zoe and Simon and Kaylee
River and Book and Inara, just maybe
But have you caught sight of the fearsome Serenitite?

Jayne Cobb the mercenary
Has a lot of shiny guns
They're used for all his thieving
Vera is his favorite one

All of his life has been spent
Doing things that aren't so good
One job went south, made Jayne Cobb
Gorramn Mudder Robin Hood

Then one day off Ariel
Captain whacked his skull
Jayne Cobb stuck in airlock tight
Traitor got a giant fright

While Jayne is still annoying
Not completely gone straight-laced
Jayne Cobb the Mercenary
Keeps himself from getting spaced

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