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General Fun

Finding Serenity: Anti-heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's "Firefly"
print anthology of playful and serious essays about Firefly edited by "Shindig" writer Jane Espenson with Glenn Yeffeth (BenBella Books, 2005)
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From the back cover:
"From what was wrong with the pilot to what was right with the Reavers, from the use of Chinese to how correspondence between Joss and network executives might have gone, from a philosopher's perspective on "Objects in Space" to a sex therapist's analysis of Inara, Finding Serenity is filled with writing as exciting, funny and enthralling as the show itself."
ISBN-13: 9781932100433, ISBN-10: 1932100431
My contributions:
"Chinese Words in the 'Verse" and "Unofficial Glossary of Firefly Chinese"
FireFlyFans.net Blue Sun Room
archives of fan-created fiction, songs, and artwork about Firefly and Serenity, plus other fan creations in the "Features" section of Haken's FireFlyFans.net
archives of fans' "Firefly-isms" (Firefly-related terms), Firefly and Serenity "Fan Art Gallery," and links to much more
Serenity in 2000 Words or Less
Ron Swartzendruber's spoof script of the movie Serenity
Serenity: The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Version
Eric Johanson's running commentary on the movie Serenity in the style of the irreverent TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K)
Serenity: Emergency Naptime Procedures Implemented
Megan Willis's Hand Puppet Movie Theatre parody of the movie Serenity
walkerboh's unofficial Muppet photo-cartoon version of the movie Serenity
JigZone: Firefly Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
Firefly photos as jigsaw puzzles
Lux Lucre's Firefly Page
Firefly creations by Lux Lucre (1963-2004): cartoons in Southpark style and other graphics, his filk (song parodies), and The Browncoat Handbook anthology of fan-created Firefly terms, food and drink, and filk
Freya's original and rewritten Firefly songs and poems
Firefly Fashion Gallery
Kisbundis's Southpark-style characters wearing Firefly-related T-shirts


Knowledge Quizzes

How Well Do You Know: Serenity
by David Mumpower and Kim Hollis of Box Office Prophets
Orbiting Lights
Firefly character and episode quizzes in the "Shindig" section
Megan's Firefly Quiz
by Megan Heatwole
The Firefly / Serenity Test
by kozza
The IMPROVED Do you know Firefly? Test
by devalis
The Firefly Test
by amarina

Personality Quizzes ("Meet the real you.")

Which Serenity Character Are You?
by Jeff Baker
Which Serenity character are you?
by corone
What Firefly\Serenity Character Are You?
by Browncoat
What Big Damn Hero Are You? [ Serenity | Firefly ]
by Kelai
Which Firefly Villain are you?
by corone
Firefly: Which Big Damn Character Are You?
by TheUglyOne
Which Firefly character am I?
by aussiebulldog
Which "Firefly" character are you?
by lossefalme
Firefly Quiz
by oldboneclaws
The Firefly Character Personality Test
by catdog875woo
The Who are you? Firefly Chars Test
by x_pookie
Would you make a good Serenity crew member?
by sersi
Which Firefly character are you?
by craezame
Which Firefly Character Are You?
by Syn
Which Firefly girl do you belong with?
by velvet359
Which Firefly Guy is For You?
by monkeytrainer


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