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Serenity Prop Exhibit 1

Universal Studios – Hollywood, Serenity Fan Fest, 9/24/05

Joss Whedon's Serenity DVD is on sale now!

Device for messing with River Tam's brain; Reaver ax

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Alliance data pad, from Institute Records Room, on River Tam's escape (text below)

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[Test subject 443/95/4521 was an unusually gifted and bright child. In 2515, her family sent her to the Osiris school for the] gifted, where she was recruited for Project oracle.

As per protocol, her family was not allowed any direct contact, although the subject was allowed to send out letters to her family. Despite exhaustive analysis of all outgoing communications, subject's older brother Simon Tam was able to decrypt a hidden message in one of the letters. Convinced he needed to save his sister, Simon mounted an effort to rescue her. Subject was removed without authorization from Area 54 in 2516.

If you have a genius child you don't like overmuch, contact:

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Project oracle
Alliance research facility 54
Osiris OA2 54W Q13

Please allow 500 years for response.

14-ft (4.9 m) hovercraft mule (with fan dressed as Zoe)

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