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Here are promotional summaries for unlikely feel-good/issues episodes of Firefly.

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Hands of Blue Christmas

Will the Blue Hands Men make it a blue Christmas, or the best Christmas ever?

On route to capture River before the Academy's end-of-year brain inventory, the Blue Hands Men are visited by the Ghost of Christmas-That-Was (Book), the Ghost of Christmas-These-Here-Days (Mal), and the Ghost of Christmas-What-Ain't-Come-Yet (Kaylee).

The ghosts warn them not to let their inferiority complex push them to massive bloodletting. They know the blue gloves had been concealing the men's secret shame: incurable warts. The men are frightened by what they see, especially Book's hair, but can they learn to accept themselves as they are?

Will they remain evil? Or will they cure Tiny Tam (River), share in the crew's Christmas-goose-flavored protein powder (spiced with rosemary), and use their blue gloves for non-evil-track jobs at Blue Sun—dish washers in a Blue Sundae ice cream parlor? Tune in to find out.

Enjoy this very special holiday Firefly without commercial interruption thanks to the generous sponsorship of Allstate Insurance Company, "The Good Hands People."SM

Ben. Good. In the Latin.

Can Mal handle an intrusion into his Serenity family by his old one?

Mal could never measure up to older brother Ben in the eyes of their father, who was blind to Ben's scheming ways. Later Ben had his way with Mal's gal and fought for the Alliance—simultaneously. That Alliance killed their father and took the family's land.

Now Ben's charming Inara with his new Core sophistication and Kaylee with his new Glowworm-class ship. Will Mal put aside their feud to help Ben by donating the kidney he needs?

After an accident aboard Ben's ship leaves the Reynolds brothers trapped together, can they learn to trust each other to survive? And when the accident makes the transplant necessary immediately, can Simon perform the surgery, after what Ben does to River, who knows his secret?

Find out on a very special Firefly.

Based on my postings on fox.com's Firefly discussion board (11/19/02 and 11/20/02) in the "And now a very special Firefly..." thread, started by "kt butts."

The first story was inspired by a sentence posted there by kt butts: "River teaches the crew of Serenity the true meaning of Christmas."

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