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If Firefly returns one day as a series, there are bound to be some slight changes. Here are a few suggestions.

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  1. Have the crew visit planets more often. But instead of dusty frontier planets, they should go to sandy resort planets with women in bikinis.
  2. If the wonderful Nathan Fillion is busy with another project, get a new leader like David Hasselhoff. And replace all the actresses with Playboy Playmates, mostly blondes.
  3. Use more music, and make it pop music.
  4. Show the men shirtless, the women wearing skimpy outfits, and everyone running around the ship and planets a lot—usually in slow motion to the new cheesy soundtrack. This will make the show more accessible by reducing the plots to frameworks for two music videos every week.
  5. Have the crew spend a lot of time rescuing people and, instead of committing crimes, fighting crime.
  6. They'll be aided in this by their new crime-fighting ship, designed for both efficiency and comfort by Kaylee and Inara: the Kaylee–Inara Three Thousand. KITT can converse with the Captain, but a quirk makes it alternately mispronounce "Malcolm" as "Michael" and "Mitch."
  7. Change the title to Cargo Bay-watch Rider.

Think about it; this could be the biggest show in Europe!

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