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Cast Coincidences

Here are some interesting Firefly-Serenity actor coincidences. OR ARE THEY? Interesting, that is.

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Question: Which Firefly cast member was in a TV movie that led to another Fox-network science fiction series named after a bug—also on Fridays at 8 p.m. (7 Central)? Answer below.

Adam Baldwin
(the treacherous Jayne) was in the movie Treacherous and the movie Betrayal—also known as Lady Jayne: Killer.
Mark Sheppard
(Badger) was in the movie Lady in the Box, with a lady in a box in a lake. Firefly had a lady in a box who's a River.
Alan Tudyk
(whose Wash wouldn't let Niska "get days" to torture Mal in "War Stories") was in the 2000 movie 28 DAYS, while Michael Fairman (Adelai Niska) was in the 2000 movie Thirteen DAYS—playing ADLAI Stevenson.
Jeff Ricketts
(Blue GLOVE #1) played MALCOLM in the movie Chance (co-produced by Kelly Wheeler, the official Firefly blogger and Blue Sun model). Nathan Fillion (MALCOLM) made a guest appearance in the Total Security episode "Das BOOTy."
Dennis Cockrum
(Blue Glove #2) and Ron Glass (Book) did guest shots on the show Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane. Duncan was Malcolm's father in Macbeth, and Jack is, uh . . . the character played by Carlos Jacott (Dobson the Fed) in the show She Spies. (Whew!)
Nathan Fillion
(Mal) appeared in the series Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. Firefly opened in "The Train Job" with two guys (Mal and Jayne), a girl (Zoe), and a drinking place.
(REYNOLDS) was in the Two Guys and a Girl episode "Two Guys, a Girl and BARENAKED LADIES," Christina Hendricks (Saffron, the "NAKED and articulate" LADY) was in the ER episode "A RIVER in Egypt," Summer Glau (RIVER) was in the Angel episode "Waiting in the WINGs," and Edward Atterton (Atherton WING) was in the Britannic episode "REYNOLDS."
O.K., I forced that last one; Atterton played Reynolds in the TV movie Britannic.


Gina Torres (Zoe) was in the TV movie M.A.N.T.I.S. (1994).

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